VICNI Engineering Services Limited is Construction Management and Engineering Consulting firm to offer Strategic Project Planning, Feasibility Studies, Design, Construction Project Supervision and Management, Sustainability Consulting, and Project-Scope Definition and Development.

Our goal is to deliver world class infrastructure and engineering services by upholding top-tier quality and ethical standards and globally set a tradition of excellent services that continually exceeds customer expectations. Professionalism, Excellence and Teamwork are the core values we share.

VICNI Engineering Services Limited operates within the context of the following goals which also define our strategic direction: Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction, Establishment of Organizational Capacity, Achievement of Operational Efficiency, Sustainment of Financial Growth, and Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our primary commitment is to meet the objectives and requirements of our customers in line with their specifications and as defined in the customers’ contracts. We are committed to continual improvement Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of standard. Taking proactive steps to understand and articulate our customers’ needs and expectations, as well as those of our other stakeholders;

Establishing quality objectives that are consistent with our quality policy, measuring the extent of achievement of set quality objectives and carrying out regular management reviews for consistency and improvement of our capacity to always meet set quality objectives.

Training of our personnel and encouraging personal and professional development of our staff; Ensuring that our external providers key into our Quality Management System for continual provision of products and services that meet our customers’ requirements.